Easy And Simple Mehndi Designs That You Can Do

By | 9 September 2017


Mehndi is one thing that all Indian ladies venerate – not on account of it is an imperative part our way of life, additionally due to how lovely the mehandi outline looks when we are embellished with it.


Mehndi is really a sort of a characteristic color produced using the leaves and stem of the Henna tree. It is being utilized now as a characteristic coloring specialist and the specialty of mehndi has now spread everywhere throughout the world. In western nations, mehndi is being utilized as an impermanent tattoo as well. It has uniquely picked up a lot of notoriety in the makeshift tattoo industry.


We are normally entirely usual to seeing sumptuous and complex mehendi plans amid weddings. Yet, there are additionally some exceptionally basic mehendi plans that look chic and delightful and should be possible for any sort of event. These outlines require less time and are typically straightforward and sweet ones that add an insight of shading to the hands yet don’t mess the hands or give an over-decked look.


An Easy Mehndi Design


Here We Have Shared 28 Such Simple mehndi Designs That You Can Try With Ease:




  1. Here is an extremely wonderful yet exceptionally straightforward mehandi plan for the hands. The outline is primarily done on the thumb and the pointer. It is very basic yet can be effectively accomplished for any event to attract consideration regarding your hands. Incredible in the event that you are going to an engagement function or the sangeet of a’s companion!amazing modern style white mehndi design Mehndi design curved designs


  1. Here is a case of a simple mehndi plan for hands where you can apply the mehendi on any one finger. On events where the consideration will be staring you in the face or fingers – like an engagement or on your big day, you may utilize this sort of configuration for your finger. This is uncommonly pertinent for ladies who don’t care for substantial mehendi plans. It will look truly beautiful in the event that you do this on the ring finger.

finger mehndi design henna


  1. We simply adored this configuration and also the coordinating nail workmanship on the feet. The configuration is extremely basic, yet looks flawless. The utilization of the red mehndi gives an unmistakable marriage feel to the look and can be wore by anybody. It will suit most ladies and the additional embellishments like toe rings will make it considerably more lovely.


simple basic mehndi for begginer

  1. Love mehndi yet don’t have any desire to apply luxurious plans on your feet? Attempt this exceptionally basic and little outline which is anything but difficult to do. This won’t meddle with your style and will mix in effectively. This is for the individuals who adore little and bother free plans.

best mehndi design for foot


  1. In the event that you cherish botanical examples furthermore adore utilizing mehndi on your feet, attempt this style. This sweet and straightforward mehendi configuration should be possible by anybody for any event. The utilization of mehndi makes the feet more unmistakable and this will likewise search awesome for office goers who adore little plans on their feet.

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