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Henna Designs

Henna Designs change with the Fashion and New Henna Designs are introduced by the Henna Designers.


One of the beautiful and most traditional parts of the fashion is Henna. As New Henna Designs comes from an artists mind, they are just transferred from their mind to the beautiful hands making them more stunning and graceful. This way of tattooing has inspired many nations and cultures, as before it was just limited to the Middle-Eastern and South-Asian countries. Their weddings are incomplete without henna and they have dedicated one complete day of the wedding events to Henna where all the friends and family ladies apply henna designs on their hand and feet.

Mehndi Design For Hand

This captivation tradition goes through many changes from time to time just like fashion. Fashion has its own styles in different eras; same is the case with Henna Designs the trend just changes with time. New Henna Designs are introduced with many variations like tones, glitters, diamantes and much more. Many Henna Artists have their own way of application; they just carry their own style which outstands in the market.

Unique henna mehendi tattoo

New henna designs are classified as Bridal Henna Designs, Arabic Designs, peacock designs and much more. Indian Mehndi designs are quite sophisticated and the hands are more filled with this kind of a design. It takes time to apply this kind of henna designs and requires lots of patience. At the time of completion, the designs look very graceful and mind blowing.


The very old tradition of Arabic designs remains the part of every era. They are just stunning and are easy to apply. Henna of thick consistency is used to apply the design. The hands and feet are not filled too much and the patterns are quite simple. These new henna designs are everyone’s favorite and are applied mostly on festive occasions.

mehndi design for hand combination of 2 colors

amazing mehndi design for hand cool design combination of 2 colors

Peacocks, the most stunning beauty of nature and when these are transferred on hands as henna then it gives a new meaning to beauty and perfection. These figures mixed with some floral designs give an outstanding look which is appreciated by everyone. This new henna design is hard to apply as it requires a good hand control but at the end the results are grand.


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