Simple Mehndi Designs 2017 Collection -1

By | 19 August 2017

Simple Mehndi Designs 


Simple mehndi designs are available in many mehndi designing books, latest beauty magazines as well as all across the internet and websites. Mehndi designs for foots and hands are considered as the traditional cultural heritage e of many of the countries of the world.


These simple mehndi designs are about 5000 years old as shown by the history. They originated in the subcontinental region of the world i.e. in South Asia. Some of the people in the history even say that mehndi tradition originated in India and it was originally introduced by the Mughals family of that time. Mehndi is also termed as henna. This name is given because mehndi is prepared from the cypress flower which is also referred to as the henna plant. The part of the plant henna which is used for the extraction of mehndi is leaves.

Unique modern white henna for hand simple basic mehndi for begginer finger mehndi design henna

Simple mehndi designs can be applied on hands, feet and finger by cone mehndi. Mehndi after its extraction from henna leave is subjected to a series of procedures and it is then finally converted into the form of henna or mehndi paste. This mehndi paste can be applied on hands and feet by two ways i.e. either with the help of plastic cone mehndi which is available in a wide range of sizes or by the help of paint brush of different number which can be selected on the basis of the fine nature of mehndi designs. History also shows that silk painting is conducted out by means of the jacquard bottle and its tip is made up of the metal. Same could also be used for the application of simple mehndi designs over hands, feet, fingers and arms. Simple mehndi designs color can be intensified by the help of tissues or plastic in which this material is wrapped over the particular area of hand or foot where the simple mehndi design has been applied. After that, wait for usually 3 to 6 hours. Then remove out plastic or tissue etc whatever you have wrapped on simple mehndi design previously.


The reason behind this technique is that sometimes the color of simple mehndi design appears yellow or pale. So it can be intensified to a darker shade if we conduct the process of oxidation that takes about 1 to 3 days. And result in the final color of simple mehndi design as red, brown or reddish brown which is mostly liked by mehndi lover females.


Simple mehndi designs increase the simplicity of the female who makes it on her hands and feet. Simple mehndi designs at the same time increase the decency and elegance of the female and in the men while it also shows her fashionable, stylish and up to date if she wears a latest Simple mehndi design.Simple mehndi designs are a way to express the happiness and joy on certain religious events as well as on wedding ceremonies. Simple mehndi designs are not only like in Pakistan but they are also famous in other countries as well including Africa, Arabia, India etc.

basic mehndi design for hand amazing modern style white mehndi design

Simple mehndi designs are available for all of the types of mehndi design in which the top of the list include Pakistani mehndi designs, Arabic mehndi designs, Indian mehndi designs, and black mehndi designs. These simple mehndi designs can be further flourished by means of glitter and betas which can be applied in certain places of the simple mehndi designs which are applied on hands, fingers, arms and feet. In this way, simple mehndi designs can maintain their simplicity and at the same time shows the fashionable taste of the female who wears it.

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