What is Henna tattoo designs?

By | 27 July 2017

Henna Design

Henna tattoos are cool to have. They are just temporary; you can remove them if the fancy have died down. You can play around with thousands of henna tattoo styles. Having henna tattoos are affordable as well as compared to true tattoos.


Henna tattoos began from South Asia mainly in Indian. They are also famous as Mehndi. Henna tattoo designs are often linked with spirituality, religion and used during unique ceremonies like festivities or weddings.

modern style latest white henna mehndi on hand Most Amazing Pakistani Mehndi Designs

You can absolutely play around your selected tattoo designs. You have elaborate or simple designs depending on your choices. And since they are just temporary, you can have different styles from time to time if you wish. Henna tattoo designs become fashion over the years, thanks to Madonna who had used Henna tattoo Indian designs as a back drop on one of her albums highlighting the Indian spirituality and culture.


The most general designs include Indian and Arabic patterns generally placed on the back feet and hand. Indian designs generally involve intricate patterns of webs, flowers, teardrops, lotuses, or other paisley patterns. Indian patterns generally involve well drawn, fine lines and often carrying spiritual and religious messages.


Arabic designs, on the other hand, are generally inspired by the passages of the Koran, styles on Arabic textile, flowers and carvings. They come in various sizes as well depending on the place of the tattoo designs for them to stand out and highlight its details and features.


Aside from these, you can have the henna tattoo only for the joy of it. You can have whatever tattoo patterns you wish. You can also have henna tattoo styles on your body, your arms or in your arms to highlight your outfit or to make a fashion statement. Tattoo styles also bring artistic looks of people who have them and tattoo artists as well.

Most Pakistani Mehndi Designs Faded Mehndi design for hand

The only problem in having henna tattoo designs is that the pigments are just limited to brown, black and red shade. Sometimes the henna mixture is included with oils and sugar to support the pigments stay longer and to make the shapes powerful. Aromatics and spices can also be included to make the full experience to the next stage.

Mehndi design for hand

mehendi design for wedding

You might also want to initial check allergic results to the pigments before you have them. Certain persons react to the factors of henna and develop rashes and allergic problems like itchiness and swelling. You might want to do an easy skin test initial before using them otherwise, you are best to go and enjoy.

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