What is mehndi?

By | 3 August 2017


Mehndi means nothing but an art of Painting or tattooing body parts such as hands, Feet, etc from the paste of henna Plant.From a very long time Mehndi had used as Ayurveda medicine for a headache, skin disorders, astringent, feet burning, baldness, and liver disorder. “Mehndika” is Sanskrit word for mehndi. There are lots of medicine which are made with the paste of mehndi and turmeric. Nowadays woman’s  use to design their hands and feet with the help of mehndi.

 Bridal mehndi designs images for hand

What is mehndi design?

Mehndi design is Art of Creating different types of designs with the help of mehndi (an Ayurvedic medicine) on the woman or men’s hands or feet. Generally, woman’s use mehndi designs for skin decoration. In India, it is used for following Hindu festivals such as Diwali, Bhai Dooj, Karwa Chauth, Teej, Vat Purnima and Nag Panchami. In Asian countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, UAE Mehndi designs are also known as henna designs because people call Mehndi as Henna in those countries. In weddings, People love to apply mehndi design because the medicine mehndi is not harmful to the body.

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