Neha Classic Color Cone (Pack of 12) – 25G in Each Cone – Multi Color


Note : Price May Vary on Amazon

  • Color : Multicolor
  • Brand : Neha Herbal (Neha Classic Color Cone)
  • Number of Cones : 12 Cones
  • Item Weight : 300 Grams
  • Item Form : Cones
  • Package Information : Box

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About This Item:

Neha Classic Colour Cone – The Ultimate Instant Beauty Fix is now available!

Discover the wonders of fast and gorgeous body art with Neha Classic Color Cone, your go-to partner for carefree style. With two cones in each of the brilliant colors—red, orange, purple, green, blue, and pink—this multicolored cone bundle is revolutionary. In only fifteen minutes, you’ll be set for weddings, parties, ceremonies, and joyous festivities! Elevate your style and create complicated designs with ease!

Bid farewell to protracted wait periods; Neha Classic Color Cone is intended for those who need stunning results instantly. Ideal for Karwachauth, Bhaidooj, Rakshabandhan, Diwali, Holi, Teej, and more—perfect for any occasion. Every cone has 25g of instantaneous, ready-to-use color, so you’ll always look gorgeous.

It’s never been simpler to change the way you look—Neha Classic Colour Cone is the go-to option for ladies who like wearing jewelry on their hands and feet. With this tool, drawing complex patterns is a snap. It is very user-friendly. Furthermore, the rapid color cones’ portability and leak resistance make it easy to use for glamorous on-the-go.

When you can have amazing, don’t settle for average. Neha Classic Colour Cone is a statement more than merely a commodity. Enjoy the satisfaction of having fast, simple, and easy body art that expresses your own flair. Neha Classic Colour Cone can quickly transform your cosmetic regimen because you deserve to shine!

Place your order today and see your beauty develop naturally. Use Neha Classic Color Cone to elevate any situation!

  • Quick & Easy to Apply
  • Saves your time (Quick Dry in 10-15 Minutes)
  • Leak-proof makes it easy to carry
  • Gives Long Lasting Dark Colour
  • Can be used for painless temporary tattoos

Note : Price May Vary on Amazon


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