Sabz Organics Natural Bridal Henna Mehndi Cones Pack of 6


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  • Colour : Olive Green
  • Package Information : Tube
  • Product Benefits : Calming, Soothing, Nourishing
  • Brand : Generic
  • Item Form : Paste
  • Hair Type : Normal
  • Number of Items : 6
  • Net Quantity : 250.0 gram
  • Material Feature : Organic, Natural
  • Material Type Free : BPA-Free, Chemical-Free, Alcohol Free

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About this item

Presenting Sabz Organics Mehndi Cones, the premium organic henna application. These cones, which are made with the finest organic henna powder, pure essential oils, tea, sugar, and water, completely reimagine the technique of applying mehendi.

Discover the allure of henna that is 100% natural and devoid of dangerous chemicals. In as little as 36 to 48 hours, the deepest stain effects are guaranteed by the creamy, silky, and flowing henna paste. Savor the cooling qualities and fragrant embrace of organic henna, which transforms every application into a healing ritual that promotes relaxation.

Sabz Organics cone is flawlessly sealed and made in small quantities in response to demand, guaranteeing a delicious and fresh experience each and every time. These cones are perfect for elaborate wedding Mehendi patterns and are made for both beginning and experienced painters. The user-friendly interface of the program makes it an ideal medium for novice painters to refine their skills.

The foundation of Sabz Organics Henna is trust. Loved by more than a thousand clients, including mehendi fans, professional henna artists, salons, distributors, and retailers. Our name is a guarantee of excellence and genuineness.

With six expertly made cones and a mehendi after-care balm, each kit provides a complete solution for all of your mehendi requirements. Experience Mehendi in a whole new light with Sabz Organics, where innovation and tradition collide.

Take advantage of this chance to decorate yourself with the best mehendi. Make every moment an artistic creation. Get your Mehendi Cones from Sabz Organics right now, then watch the beauty happen!


Important information

Safety Information:

Safe for Children And Pregnant Women


Henna Leaves Powder, Sugar, Essential Oil


1. Remove the tip and let out the excess mehendi paste.

2. Apply your favourite design on hands and feet through Sabz Organics Henna Cones.

3. Let it stay for minimum 5-10 hours. Do not use water for minimum 8 hours.

4. Take a considerable amount of Sabz Organics After-Care Balm to peel off the dried mehendi.

5. Apply after-care balm every night for minimum 2 days.


Note : Price May Vary on Amazon


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