SINGH Natural Mehandi Cones – 100% Organic Mehendi cone Pack of 12


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  • Color : Brown
  • Package Information : Box
  • Brand :  Singh Natural Mehandi Cones
  • Item Type : Powder
  • Hair Type : Dry
  • Number Of Items : 1
  • Net Quantities : 12.00 gram
  • Full Cure Time : 2 Hours

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About This Item:

With the SINGH Natural Mehandi Cones, a 100% Natural Henna Cone that goes beyond typical henna experiences, you may unleash the beauty of traditional body painting. This cone guarantees authenticity and a hint of beauty from nature since it is made entirely with henna leaves without the use of any chemicals.

Enjoy the appeal of a durable, rich maroon (brown) color elegantly covering your feet and hands. Singh Natural Mehandi Cones is a celebration of inherent beauty rather than just a cosmetic option. Its special mixture of clove, eucalyptus, and mehandi leaf oils guarantees a deep infusion of color on your hands and feet.

Enjoy the simplicity of our 12-piece set, with each cone being expertly chosen for maximum quality. Singh Natural Mehandi Cones provides uncompromised adaptability whether you’re drawing detailed patterns or going for temporary tattoos. Because of the cone’s unique design, self-adornment is simple and you can easily show your creativity.

The carefully selected components, which include distilled water, henna powder, kattha powder, kesari powder, terpenol, clove oil, perfume, and approved preservatives, demonstrate our dedication to purity. Each cone, with a six-month shelf life, is an enduring monument to excellence.

Singh Natural Mehandi Cones, weighing in at 25g, is more than simply a product—it’s an exploration of classic craftsmanship. It’s easy to use; simply cut the tip of the cone to the appropriate size, draw the pattern you want on your legs or hands, let it dry for two hours, and then wash it with ordinary water.

Singh Natural Mehandi Cones will elevate your self-expression since it combines heritage and innovation. Place your order right now to enter a stunning natural world!

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Technical Details:

Note : Price May vary on Amazon


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