Special Karachi Mehendi Cones For Hand Natural Mehndi Cones For Hand Designing


Note : Price May Vary on Amazon

  • Colour : Maroon Color
  • Brand : Special Karachi Mehendi Cones
  • Package Information : Box
  • Quantity : Pack of 12
  • Package Type : Box
  • can be used to make designs on Body, Hands & Feet
  • Easy to apply
  • It is a alfa ARABI Mehendi cone.
  • Ready to use cone
  • Made out of 100% pure henna leaves

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Product Description:

Explore the charm of the Alfa Arabic Mehandi Cone also known as Special Karachi Mehendi Cones, a symbol of unadulterated grace and breathtaking scenery. This Singh cone, which is made entirely of genuine henna leaves and has no hazardous chemicals, is a celebration of authenticity. Richness of a dark maroon (brown) color that adorns your feet and palms will elevate your look and make a statement.

Discover the mystery of this entrancing cone, which has a six-month shelf life and is made from the finest henna leaves. For your convenience, the Alfa Arabic Mehandi Cone ( Special Karachi Mehendi Cones ) comes in a set of twelve, beautifully packed. Every cone, a work of art in and of itself, ensures a vibrant, long-lasting color that accentuates your inherent beauty.

With this adaptable cone, immerse yourself in the world of temporary tattoos. The Special Karachi Mehendi Cone is your buddy for every event, whether you’re expressing your creativity or adding a dash of heritage. Accept the liberty to decorate yourself with elaborate patterns, all the while relishing the knowledge that you are using a product that puts your health first.

The Alfa Arabic Mehandi Cone will let you bid the mundane farewell and welcome the remarkable. It’s more than simply a cosmetic routine; it’s a declaration of uniqueness and a platform for personal expression. Alfa Arabic Mehandi will elevate your own style, engage the senses, and create memories for every moment.

Order this Special Karachi Mehendi Cone right now to unleash the beauty inside and let your lively character to flourish!


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Note : Price May vary on Amazon


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