100+ Arabic Mehndi Designs by mehndidesigns4u

Discover the Latest Trends: 100+ Arabic Mehndi Designs to Try

Arabic Mehndi Designs is also known as Mughlai Mehndi, which involves both mixture of floral and Geometric designs. This designs is made with classic Arabic Mehendi Designs like  floral, fine lines, paisley. 

DIY Tips for Applying Arabic Mehndi Designs

For many, applying mehndi at home is enjoyable and a great way to connect. Here are some DIY pointers to guarantee a lovely result:

  • Avoid sitting in the sun, While applying mehndi.
  • Make use of fresh, top-notch mehndi paste.
  • Try not to move your hand while applying the mehndi on your hand, which might result in getting smudged.
  • Before putting your design on your skin, test your design on paper.
  • For a more vivid color, let the mehndi dry naturally.

Mehndi Colors and Tips for Long-Lasting Designs

Your love is reflected in the colour of your mehndi. These suggestions may help you get a rich color that will last:

  • Keep the mehndi on for 4-6 hours at the very least and do not blow-dry, Let your mehndi dry naturally.
  • Avoid waxing or Shaving your arms, which can cause the look of your mehndi looks faded, so to avoid such situations make sure to do all your beauty treatment before applying mehndi.  
  • For the first 12 hours, Avoid water contact.
  • Rub the sugar and lemon mixture juice together for a deeper hue and apply over-dried mehndi.

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FAQ for Arabic mehndi design

Generally Arabic mehendi features designs like bold lines, floral pattern on feet and hands, but while in Indian mehndi designs mehandi designs are created by fine lines, paisley patterns, floral and and some criss – cross design too if needed on legs and hands.

The Arabic mehndi designs are created by majority of designs like leaves, flowers, birds, bold lines and criss-cross patterns as same as in Indian design and while in Indian mehndi design the mostly henna is applied on entire hand also Arabic mehendi designs are less intricate.

The design elements of Arabic mehndi design looks beautiful because of its unique designs made with floral arts, leaves, bold lines etc. these altogether artwork make it a great designs.

I highly recommend to make mehndi design by using our recommended products for your memorable day and Chemical free.

In South Asia. Mehndi celebration is done in both Hindu and Muslim too. Hindu women apply mehndi design in occasions like wedding, Karwa Chauth, Diwali, Navratri, Bhai Dooj, Durga Puja and Teej. Muslim apply mehndi designs on occasions like Eid al-Adha, Eid al-Fitr.

Conclusion of Arabic mehendi design

So those where the handpicked best collection of Arabic mehndi designs, which can be drawn in every occasions. We have plenty of unique designs according to your need ranging from simple to elaborate like full hand, floral motifs, peacock design, geometric lines etc. 

Whether you prefer simple or elaborate design use the best mehndi cones and paste as we have suggested you. Arabic mehendi designs are famous for their graceful bold lines, symmetrical patterns and each design tell us a unique story.

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