Ultimate Guide To Different Types Of Mehndi Designs in 2024

Ultimate Guide To Different Types Of Mehndi Designs in 2024

There are several Types Of Mehndi Designs, three to be Indian, Pakistani, Arab and African mehndi designs. All three are very popular and have their own beauty, in this article we will talk more about Pakistan and Arabic Mehndi patterns.

How many types of mehndi designs are actually present?
Types Of Mehndi Designs

Types Of Mehndi Designs

As its name suggests, Pakistani designs are familiar to people in Pakistan. However, their popularity is worldwide, and they are known to be highly reputed Mehndi designs. Although they are similar to India’s designs, Pakistani mehndi designs have appeal and importance. Most Pakistani Mehndi designs are known to have very complex designs and patterns. Designs vary according to the celebration, taste, and location. Pakistani mehndi designs are made with Indian Mehndi and  Arabic mehndi designs.

  1. Indian Mehndi design
  2. Arabic Mehndi design
  3. Pakistani Mehndi design
  4. Western Mehndi design
  5. Indo-western Mehndi design
  6. Moroccan Mehndi design
  7. Punjabi Mehndi design
  8. Gujarati Mehndi design

Indian Mehndi Design:

Having a mehndi design has become quite popular in India, and having an Indian mehndi design is stunning on your hands or feet. People from Western culture have started developing an interest in Indian mehndi design and preparing their designs and cones. Below are the top Indian mehndi designs with pictures you can try on every occasion, like karwa chauth, Diwali, Navratri, Bhai Dooj, Durga Puja, and New Year. Full-hand Indian mehndi design, mesh pattern Indian mehndi design, back and front hand Indian mehndi design, and geometric Indian mehndi design.

Indian Mehndi Design

Western Mehndi Designs:

Mehndi designs are part of many cultures and traditions in many countries. Western Mehndi designs are ideas from Mehndi designs like Pakistani, Arabic Morocca, and Moroccan designs. A Western Mehndi design has a fantastic design for the wearers.

Images by @pinterest & seven.edu.vn

Pakistani Mehndi Design:

Pakistani Arabic Mehndi Design looks outstanding and gorgeous, giving you a complete look. This Front-Hand Pakistani Arabic mehendi design is a beautiful way to express love and blessings to your loved ones. The front-hand and back-hand Pakistani Arabic Back-Hand mehndi designs are created with innovative, intricate floral patterns combined with traditional elements to make them more unique and special.

Pakistani girls with Traditional back hand mehndi designs

Moroccan Mehndi Design:

Moroccan Mehndi Designs are similar to Arabic designs and are prevalent in Middle Eastern Gulf countries. These designs are more straightforward than Arabic designs.

Moroccan Mehndi designs are traditional designs that look more attractive, trendy, and unique.

People in Middle Gulf countries believe Moroccan Mehndi Designs can protect you from evil. A diamond-shaped Mehndi design is supposed to deter the groom and bride from evil.

Moroccan Mehndi Design

Images by @pinterest

Arabic Mehndi Design:

Arabic Mehndi Designs, also known as Mughlai Mehndi, involves a mixture of floral and Geometric designs. This design is made with classic Arabic Mehendi Designs like floral, fine lines, and paisley. 

Rose pattern Arabic mehndi design

Pakistani Mehndi Designs:

Mehndi plays a crucial role in a Pakistani, and a bride’s marriage is considered incomplete without a Mehndi design. Brides have types of Mehndi designs on their legs, feet, hands, and arms. Most often, the bride is decorated with mehndi at her wedding.

Celebration Chic: Trendy Mehndi Designs for Festive Joy

Mehndi’s design could even be used for celebrations, as it appears attractive. Today, there is a wide variety of designs from Mehndi lovers. The current trend has also brought in the patterns of the Mehndi style. These patterns are trendy among lovers of Mehndi. Here, a pattern is created by the thin edge, and a central vacuum is filled with bright Mehndi dresses with mascara.

Types Of Mehndi Designs in Arabic Mehndi

Upon reaching the Arabic Mehndi, these designs are trendy worldwide. Most of them are simple plant motifs used on the hands and feet of women. Usually, it reflects the skills of artists and the individuality of design of all the traditions surrounding the Arabian Peninsula.

How Mehndi Paste Is Made

Such patterns of mehndi are used to paint temporarily on the hands or feet of the bride. The ingredient used to make henna powder is called Mehndi. A henna is a shrub or small tree about 2.6 m high. The henna powder is mixed with mustard and tea to create a thick paste. The shadow is primarily brownish-red henna, but it can also be combined with more plants to change their natural color. When the paste is used to create a Mehndi design, you must wait for the Mehndi to dry completely. Mehndi paste is a dye absorbed by the skin; it stays on the skin for several days as a temporary tattoo. Most often, it is dark brown or orange. Among the different types of Mehndi Mehndi Designs, Arabic is known for being the most popular design of Mehndi.

Mehndi – Tradition and trend

Originally from India, Mehndi was in the U.S. a few years ago to a significant trend. It all started in Artesia in Indian Village, near Los Angeles and at Berkeley in San Francisco, where Indian immigrants followed their traditions practiced this art regularly. Even at the local universities, the ancient body art was with great enthusiasm by the young Indian student body. It was rediscovered and thus triggered a wave of fashion that is unparalleled. When young celebrities in Hollywood – Demi Moore, Drew Barrymore, Tafkap (Prince), Naomi Campbell, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, and Liv Tyler – took up this trend, Mehndi was universally known, vigorously taken up by the press and international magazines slowly in Europe perceived. 

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The Tradition and Trends of Mehndi

The Kamasutra movie wearing a rest in it. In England, those arts by the local multi-cultural population are already widespread, and after John Galliano at the London Fashion Week adorned with mehndi Models on the catwalk, where she also experienced a renaissance. (This text continues the “Historical”)

Safe and Stylish: Mehndi’s Popularity in the Modern World

Now, it’s not as if the mehndi art is seen exclusively in the Western world, a sort of renaissance, but also in India, the trend was discovered. After it was applied in previous decades, it has only traditionally become a fad among Indian youth. It is made available to the whole world similarly to other decorative or cosmetic tattooing. The fast pace of our fashions and trends explains why Mehndi is currently enjoying great popularity: It takes few risks as with the permanent tattoo, Coty again after three weeks with a different pattern. It also prepares the application of henna paste with no pain, and needles are not handled. The paste is applied only to the skin; the skin is not injured. This is not a health risk; henna conditions the skin.

In the course of the almost exaggerated cult of the body, coupled with the desire for individual design of your own body and the joy of being unique and unusual, it’s no wonder that Mehndi achieved popularity. But a return to old values, the search for ways to quiet contemplation, and an attempt to draw strength and energy to win in an increasingly hectic time strengthen the desire, ethics, and mysticism of mehndi art salvaging in our world.


There are many more types of mehndi designs. We can’t cover all of them in one blog so that you can check our other blogs.

Each mehndi design represents the different cultures of different countries in terms of having different patterns, borders, geometric lines, shapes, and designs.


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